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The scope of this guide

This guide takes a quick look at the media available in Florida. For much more comprehensive information about press and media in the US, check out our Guide to Press and Other Media in the United States.


Florida is full of news and media. It has more than its fair share of local television stations, newspapers and magazines.

If you're a Spanish-speaking expat you're in luck, as a great deal of Spanish-language is available - and the amount is growing all the time.

Press freedom in Florida

The US has, on the whole, a good level of press freedom.

freedom of press in the US
Source: Freedom House

See our Guide to the USA's Press and Other Media for more information.

Florida's press benefits from the Sunshine Law - a series of laws which give a basic right of public access to the records of governmental bodies in the state. There are, however, quite a lot of exemptions. See more information here.

Local newspapers

Florida is a big state - there are a lot of local newspapers. To avoid this guide becoming one huge list, I'll link you to the Wikipedia page of Floridian newspapers.

The most popular local newspapers (by circulation) in Florida, helpfully compiled by CISION, are:

  1. Tampa Bay Times - 166,995

  2. The Miami Herald - 118,193

  3. Orlando Sentinel - 114,225

  4. South Florida Sun Sentinel - 106,053

  5. The Tampa Tribune - 104,164

  6. tbt* - 78,047

  7. The Palm Beach Post - 70,394

  8. The Florida Times-Union - 67,528

  9. The Daytona Beach News-Journal - 52,414

  10. El Neuvo Herald - 48,079

Source: CISION

If you'd like to get an idea of what to expect from print newspapers in Florida, check out this handy resource: The Florida Digital Newspaper Library. The historical archives are really interesting as well.

Local radio stations in Florida

Being a southern state, Florida's airwaves are full of country music and religious stations - when you're driving across the state, it can sometimes be difficult to find anything else! However, they do also have a good selection of talk shows, contemporary music and some radio stations in languages other than English.

Again, I'll direct you to the thorough Wikipedia list.

Television in Florida

Floridians can access all that American TV has to offer, as well as plenty of local stations. See those here.

There have been a lot of popular shows set in the state! Notable examples are CSI Miami, Dexter, Miami Vice and the Glades. These are, unsurprisingly, pretty popular with Floridians.

According to IMDB, Florida's favourite TV show in 2016 was Game of Thrones.

Florida is no exception to the rising trend of 'cable cutting' - switching from traditional cable television to streaming services such as Netflix. In fact, according to Nocable.org, people living in Florida are the second-most-likely to make the switch, second only to California.

TV listings in Florida

These will vary depending on your service provider.

TVTV.us has a good, comprehensive listing for each city and broadcaster in Florida.

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