The Climate in Florida

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The scope of this guide

This guide is about the average climate in the state of Florida. It covers average temperatures, precipitation, hours of sunshine and sea temperatures - all month-by-month.


Florida is a big state, and its climate varies somewhat from region to region. Click on the Köppen map below to expand.

Florida Koppen map

Florida is known as the 'sunshine state' - and for good reason (see hours of sunshine below). The clement climate is one of the main reasons that foreigners move to Florida.

Be warned, though, if you don't deal well with humidity then Florida may not be the state for you. Florida's average daily humidity floats around 70% throughout the state and can easily climb into the 80s or 90s.

Extreme weather & natural disasters in Florida

Hurricanes in Florida

Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the US. Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November.

Hurricanes can cause great damage to people, livestock and property.

If a hurricane is predicted to hit the state, it will be categorised by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, summarised below. For much more detail about the possible consequences of each category of hurricane, read this PDF.

 Category Wind speed Damage summary 
1 119-153 km/h (74-95 mph) Very dangerous winds will produce some damage
2 154-177 km/h (96-110 mph) Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage
3 178-208 km/h (111-129 mph) Devastating damage will occur
4 209-251 km/h (130-156 mph) Catastrophic damage will occur
5 >252 kp/h (>157 mph) Catastrophic damage will occur

Tornadoes in Florida

Florida's tornado seasons run from June until September and February until April.

The state gets around 55 tornadoes a year (which makes it the 4th of 50 states when it comes to tornado frequency), with an average of two deaths caused per year by tornado.

Earthquakes in Florida

Earthquakes are extremely rare in Florida. According to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in Florida, there have only been 24 24 "seismic events" that we know of since 1727. Only a few of these are thought to have been actual earthquakes.

You can read about why earthquakes are so rare in Florida here.

Florida natural disaster resources

The average weather in Florida

Celcius (°C)/Farenheit (°F)

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Average temperatures in Florida

Average maximum (°C) by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami

Average minimum temperature (°C) by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami

Average maximum & minimum temperatures (°C) by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami (table)

 Month Tallahassee Orlando Miami 
 Min Max Min Max Min Max 
January 17°C 4°C 21°C 9°C 23°C 16°C
February 20°C 5°C 22°C 9°C 24°C 16°C
March 23°C 8°C 25°C 12°C 26°C 18°C
April 27°C 11°C 28°C 15°C 27°C 19°C
May 31°C 16°C 31°C 18°C 29°C 22°C
June 33°C 21°C 32°C 22°C 30°C 23°C
July 33°C 22°C 33°C 23°C 31°C 24°C
August 33°C 22°C 33°C 23°C 31°C 24°C
September 31°C 20°C 32°C 22°C 31°C 24°C
October 26°C 14°C 29°C 18°C 28°C 22°C
November 23°C 9°C 25°C 14°C 26°C 19°C
December 18°C 5°C 23°C 10°C 24°C 17°C

Average daily hours of sunshine in Florida

Average daily hours of sunshine in by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami

Average precipitation in Florida

Average precipitation (mm) by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami

Average precipitation (mm) by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami (table)

 Month Tallahassee Orlando Miami
January 110 70 41
February 123 72 57
March 151 96 76
April 78 63 80
May 88 84 136
June 196 222 246
July 182 180 165
August 187 199 226
September 118 153 250
October 82 84 161
November 89 61 83
December 99 67 52

Average sea temperature (°C) by month in Florida

Average sea temperature (°C) by month in Tallahassee, Orlando & Miami

Expats' Tips

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If you like sun and warmth then Florida has both to spare. Sub-tropical climates do come at a cost, though: hurricane insurance and a good set of waterproofs are a must.

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