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The scope of this guide

This guide covers the cost of internet access in Florida, the download speeds you can attain and the coverage of mobile networks.


Internet access is an everyday necessity for most people. Internet speed and accessibility is often a deciding factor for a business location. Make sure Florida suits your needs.

DSL, cable and fiber-optic internet in Florida

Most households in Florida still use DSL or cable (faster but more expensive than DSL) internet. Only 39.4% of the population have access to the much faster fiber-optic broadband.

Internet speeds in Florida

Fast internet in Florida is readily available - if you're willing to pay for it.

According to BROADBANDNOW, over 90% of people in Florida can access internet speeds of 25mbps or faster - that's fast enough for any 'normal' use of the internet, including streaming from multiple devices.

However, as the Akamai State of the Internet report highlights, only 62% actually have speeds of over 10mbps.

Nearly 80% can access internet speeds of over 100mbps, which is more expensive and, honestly, overkill for most people. You'll be able to stream HD content on multiple devices and download tv shows in a matter of seconds.

In a very few places in Florida (notably some parts of Orlando) you can pay for 1gb speeds - far higher than most people will ever need.

Cost of internet access in Florida

In line with the rest of the US (see our Guide to the Internet in the US), internet access Florida is quite expensive. Most people will pay between $40-$70 per month.

Numbeo's cost of living table for Orlando has internet cost per month (10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) listed at $59.16. In Tallahassee it's $63. In Miami, $53.24.

Note: you will find much lower introductory prices that fix you into year-long contracts. Expect to pay more once the internet provider has finished courting you as a new customer. Expect to pay much more if you require a month-to-month service contract.

Mobile internet in Florida

You can get an idea of the extent of mobile data coverage by looking at this map (also embedded below). As you can see, you'll get a stronger signal around the cities in the south of Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Miami) than you will in the north (Tallahassee, Jacksonville).

The mobile networks with the fastest download speeds in Florida are Verizon and T-Mobile. AT&T and Sprint lag quite far behind.

Mobile data is expensive in the US. You'll probably have to pay at least $30 per month for 1gb, or $60+ for unlimited data.

Internet providers in Florida

There are 128 internet providers in Florida but, in reality, most homes will only be able to choose from one or two. This page has a nifty interactive map that lets you see the main providers in different areas of Florida.

The main internet providers in Florida include:

Expats' Tips

What do you think of the internet in Florida? Is it fast enough? Are you happy with what you pay? Share your opinions by emailing office@guides.global.


Unless you want to live in the middle of nowhere, you shouldn't have a problem getting a decently fast internet connection in Florida. Although internet in the US is expensive, Florida isn't particularly expensive when compared to other states.

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