Buying a Resale Property on the Costa del Sol

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This audio guide features Miguel Manzanares, Senior Partner and Founder of Manzanares International (info@manzanaresinternational.com) and John Howell, Editor & Founder of Guides.Global (editor@guides.global).

It was recorded in June 2016. The law and practice in Spain change all the time. Our guides are updated as frequently as possible - typically every three years - but may be out of date.

Our guides are prepared by professionals from many countries. They are, of necessity, both brief and general and can take no account of your personal circumstances. They are intended to be a good introduction to the subject BUT ARE NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PROPER PROFESSIONAL ADVICE, which our contributors will usually be happy to provide upon request.

The advice and opinions contained in the guides are those of the speaker and are not necessarily those of Guides.Global.

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This is one of our most popular guides. In all of the Guides.Global guides we stress that the guide is only a summary of the law and practice that apply in relation to that topic and that is nowhere more true than it is in the case of buying a property - whether that's on the Costa del Sol or anywhere else.

The purchase of a property is always an expensive purchase. It is also a process that has been happening for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Because of the amounts of money at stake, the process has become complicated and very detailed; but also safe.

It is likely (unless you've come from Southern Europe) to be very different from the process of buying a property that you are used to in your own country. More than ever, this guide is an introduction to help you understand some of the issues that arise when you're buying a property on the Costa del Sol and to let you have a sensible conversation with your professional advisors: estate agents, lawyers, the Notary etc.

You may also want to watch the video version of this guide or read the written guide.

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6 December 2016


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