Coming to the Costa del Sol as a Student

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The scope of this guide

This guide is about coming to the Costa del Sol to study - the visas available and whether you're eligible.


Spanish further (tertiary) education is high-quality and its courses are relatively cheap. Spain, and the Costa del Sol, has embraced the idea of the international student, so it is easy to study there.

Student visas on the Costa del Sol

graduate looking abroadSpain hosts a lot of international students that come to our country for a wide range of educational approaches – from simple Spanish-language courses, to the highest level university degrees.

A student visa will last for the duration of the course (whether it's just a few days, months or up to 1 year). If you continue studying in Spain for at least three years and you renew your student visa every year, if you wish to remain in the country you can apply for a work visa (see our Guide to Coming to the Costa del Sol to Work).

In order to be eligible for a student visa you need to:

What does it cost?

A long-term student visa in Spain costs €60.

Working on a student visa

Foreign students over 18 years old can work for 20 hours a week on the Costa del Sol. Many students work a few hours a week at a bar or restaurant that caters to expats - of which there are plenty in the area!

Will a student visa include your spouse or children?

Yes, for an extra €60 for each person. You will also have to prove that you can support all of them.

How long does it take?

Student visas usually take about a month to process. You can apply three months in advance, however, and I thoroughly recommend that you do.

Expats' Tips

Have you got experience emigrating to Spain? Tell us about it by emailing office@guides.global.


Studying on the Costa del Sol is likely to be a great experience. The weather and social scenes are great, the standard of education is high and you're sure to make some fantastic friendships!

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