Choosing a Lawyer for International Work

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This audio guide features John Howell, Editor & Founder of Guides.Global (editor@guides.global).

It was recorded on 14 September 2016. The law and practice change all the time. Our guides are updated as frequently as possible - typically every three years - but may be out of date.

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This guide is about how to choose a lawyer for international work.

You might need a lawyer to buy a property abroad, do business internationally or sort out an inheritance in another country.

John Howell, Editor & Founder of Guides.Global (editor@guides.global) takes us through the pros and cons of choosing a lawyer in another country, discusses the main factors to consider when choosing any lawyer for international work and warns us what to look out for.

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I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any further help, please contact me.

John Howell

14 September 2016


This guide was co-authored by John Howell (Email: John.Howell@Guides.Global or John@jhco.org. Web: www.jhco.org or www.Guides.Global)

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